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“That chilling feeling you get when the melody taps at your soul. You nod and smile. The love you share is equal yet not spoken. The stars align in perfect orbital rotation. Then we meet again and everything is right as rain. Your heart skips a beat. The gateway to your soul peaks at one another for a moment in time. Similar to a shooting star, double take and deja vu combined with a drop of water in the mist of a waterfall. The moment lasts forever in your mind. It’s a blessing that occurs once in 10,000 lifetimes, maybe even twice.” – Noah Castle 2015


Sean Price – “Ruben Blades”

King Magnetic cameo on the vid.

Sean P has dropped ‘Mic Tyson’ the long awaited album by many hip-hop heads. He teased at it during the prelude mixtape titled ‘Kimbo Price’ in 2009. If you are still unfamiliar with him, check out the seemingly infinite number of features he has been on throughout the years. He was in the duo known as Heltah Skeltah which may ring a bell as well. Don’t sleep on this and get the deluxe version for bonus tracks. Links are available when viewed on youtube.

I noticed there are some very upset comments listed on youtube as to what album this is on. I will give you a hint…it’s not. If you find an unofficial release titled ‘Lost and Unreleased’ you win the prize!

“Carl Sagan” is off their 2010 album ‘Third Party’. This album is labeled as Shoegaze, IDM, Synth-Pop, and Indie Rock which shows their versatility as producers since they make very good hip-hop beats.

Skryptcha – “50 Ways”

Aussie emcee Skryptcha came out with an album’s that is fresh and full of goodies by the appropriate title ‘Mindful’.


BSBD has a collection of some of their tracks in a recent mix series free to download. If you’ve been following my posts, you may have noticed that I mention these producers from time to time. Click the Blue Sky Black Death mantra on the right side for more. Here is the link to their download found at Beholdthedestroyer!

Absolutely, positively mind blowing lyricism by the WTC on this classic. Quincy Jones even makes a cameo in this. “Triump” off their ‘Wu-Tang Forever’ double album released in 1997. In order of appearance: O.D.B., Inspectah Deck, Method Man, Cappadonna (featured throughout the album and not listed as a member due to being incarcerated at the time of the group’s start from what I’ve gathered), U-God, RZA, The Genius/GZA, Masta Killa, Ghostface Killah, and Raekwon.

“Baby you’re hot! You’re a croissant!”

R.A. The Rugged Man Interview

Get ready for the new album ‘Legends Never Die’ and check out what this legend has to say about modern hip-hop among other things. The same thing I have been saying for years. Click the R.A. mantra on the upper right side for more or check out his blog at